Why Us?

Because we believe in "Prakritic srijan" which means 'Prakriti' as mother nature and 'srijan' her creation. We believe a mother can't go wrong while choosing anything for her baby, she is selective and so does our mother nature, our divine mother  "Prakriti"  she is vast, supreme and beyond. 

We claim 95% to 100% of our products as of prakritic srijan that is, it is created or Handcrafted just as its found in nature, getting it available to you with the baby friendly combination of ingredients.

Also, their appearance or texture may change according to season and temperature. 

Our products are blended beautifully with the idea of Ayurveda and Aromatherapy. They are created in keeping the delicate skin of the baby in mind, and to provide them nourishment and moisturization.

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