• Baby Bottom salve
  • Baby Bottom salve

Baby Bottom salve

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Product Description

Product Description:

100% natural organic baby salve with healing Calendula herb and anti inflammatory oils to help sooth baby affected areas and provide gentle protection.

Know your ingredients: -

[x] Extra virgin olive oil and virgin coconut oil soothes and moisturizes sensitive skin. -

[x] Healing Calendula herb protects against diaper rash. -

[x] Well preserved with natural antioxidants and therapeutic grade oils. -

[x] 100% vegan and natural -

[x] Cruelty free


Anti inflammatory, eczema, anti acne, anti rashes, sunburns, cuts, bruises and wounds, antiseptic.Can be used for diaper rash, dry patches and cradle cap. Directions:

* Apply on clean and dry area.


* For External use only.

* Always use clean and dry hands as it is preservative free.

* Apply generously on affected areas

* Store in cool and dark place.

* When using any new product on infants and children we recommend doing a patch test for allergies or sensitivities as every skin behaves and reacts differently.

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